Stay On Track with CampusLife Time Management

  • Take complete control of time by tracking all academic and/or personal events

  • Set up variety of timetables for schools, private tuition classes or exams

  • Set up specific study slots by subject

  • Allocate time for assignments and projects

  • View all time commitment in a universal calendar

Time Management

Time Tables

Easily set up weekly schedules for school sessions

Set up exam time tables

Track time for any academic workload that you take on

Time Management

Event Scheduler

Add academic events, social events or personal reminders

Add study time slots by subject or by exam

Set up reminders for submission deadlines of assignments or projects

Publish subject specific study plans based on all the events slotted in the calendar

calender integrated-calender
Time Management

Integrated Calendar

See a single view of all time commitments in an easy on eyes calendar view

Differentiate events by time through color coding and indicative icons

Intuitively edit any event on the fly in a simple drag-and-drop UI