Manage Your Academic Workload with CampusLife

Build a logical hierarchy of

  • Academic Institute > Program > Academic Year > Semester/Term

Track curriculum and syllabus of current term as well as the past

Manage all academic workload such as

  • Assignments/Homework

  • Projects/Research Papers

  • Exams (unit tests, mid-terms, finals and more)

Track performance of all assessments

Academic Management

Study Bench

This is your workbench to effortlessly manage all the academic commitments so that you truly enjoy your CampusLife.

It starts with a wizard to help you create your academic structure (school/college - academic years - exams/terms - subjects - topics) which can be viewed anytime through a simple tree-view.

It helps you create a knowledge bank through an innovative, easy to use tool that allows you to accumulate study material from all the sources thus making the learning process more exciting.

The analytical tool allows you to easily assign notes and other information files to questions thus making exam preparations a piece of cake. It guarantees improved academic performance.

It lets you track your exam performance and the ready-made reports give you the flexibility to analyze your track record in various dimensions from subject wise performance history to the transcripts of an academic year.

Academic Management

Question Bank

A comprehensive tool to accumulate questions and their answers at one place. It allows you to store relevant study material too.

Questions can be stored as a part of common question bank and can also be attached to relevant subject, exams or any other academic object.

Questions can be stored with various attributes such as weightage, frequency of appearance in previous exam etc..

This gives you an analytical tool to predict most likely questions that could come in the upcoming exam.

digital-resource for-parents
Academic Management

Digital Resource Management

Capture important study material and other relevant digital resources from anywhere anytime with a click of a button.

Organize the knowledge bank as per digital format.

Allocate these digital resources to any academic object for future reference contextually

Access these resources for the purpose of exam preparation, project completion or simply knowledge enhancement