Managing Collaboration

  • Facebook, Instagram etc are for social collaboration. LinkedIn is for professional collaboration. CampusLife is for academic collaboration.
  • Network with peer group, friends, educators, mentors or any other
  • Share notes, discuss topics, work on group projects all in one integrated environment

Create & manage friends & groups

  • Build network similar to any other social platform
  • Create groups for discussions, projects, exam preparation or even private tutoring between educators and students
  • Interact with context of academic institutes, syllabus, timetables, assignments, study sessions

Share notes, assignments, project work to specific target audience

  • Share the academic work in its campuslife native format
  • Share entire objects such as syllabus, timetable, exam schedules, project briefs
  • Share individually or in a group
  • Have multi-way interaction on assignments and grading between teachers and students

Use wall-posts as a sounding board

  • Use individual wall posts for one-to-one interaction
  • Use common wall for academic feeds, discussion forums, or even plain simple school gossip
  • Share your work or academic accomplishment with your friends or entire campuslife ecosystem

Create groups for conducting virtual class-rooms, private tuitions, oral exams …

  • Create groups for specific academic purpose
  • Use chat rooms for conducting online classes and virtual sessions
  • Use the group structure for one-to-many academic interaction and conduct exams, share assessments, publish grades