For Students

  • Anytime, anywhere access to all the study material
  • Consolidated view of all the time commitments
  • Anywhere, anytime access to all transcripts
  • Verifiable academic data, available for admissions, jobs etc…
  • Collaboration with friends, group members, peers, academicians, tutors and experts across the world
  • Tools to analyse the academic performance, historical data, study patterns, content relevance etc…, thus providing better insight into aptitude, interest, and relevance
  • Better career planning
Benefits For Students

For Parents

  • Managing study of younger children effectively (and on the go)
  • Better control over time commitments and scheduling conflicts
  • Tools to assess performance using insightful analytics and shape future careers
  • Collaboration with educators and peer groups
  • Contemporary platform to take kids' study, thus being able to relate better and build stronger bond with them
Benefits For Parents

For Educationists

  • Platform to interact with students for assignments, practice tests, notes, projects and general guidance
  • Collaboration with peer groups
  • Platform for knowledge management and sharing
  • Common scheduling gateway across the entire academic ecosystem
  • Platform to publish research papers, reading material and sharable references
  • Interactive video platform for virtual class-rooms and on-demand learning
  • Platform for online oral exams, interviews, group discussions for various assessments related to admissions, recruitment etc…
Benefits For Educationists

For Content Providers

  • Platform mass distribution of digital learning content
  • Standardization of content format, grouping structure, searchability and navigation patterns
  • Continuous updation of the content as per relevance, new research and improvements
  • Direct correlation with specific education system, curriculum and grading formats
  • Real-time online feedback from the consumers
  • Smart analytics of consumer behaviour
  • High targeted, personalize content for individual customer
Benefits For Content Providers