About Us

Campuslife is your anywhere, anytime digital companion that provides you a single-window interface to manage your entire academic life. At the click of a mouse, you can set up your academic hierarchy digitally and then maintain your syllabus, your study material, your academic workload and time commitments contextually to the current term and subjects.

Market Need

Market Need

Education must be omnipresent, accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time. Which means unified access to relevant content to all, access to educators, tutors and mentors across the globe as well as access to all assessments/exams/certifications to get growth opportunity. Over the years, it has been clearly established that having organised academic history, transcripts and relevant artifacts are needed in all possible senecios of pursuing higher education or pursing competitive professional career.

In today’s dynamic world filled with multidimensional commitments, at personal front as well as academic front, integrated time management has become extremely critical. We position Campuslife as a platform to address all these market needs under one umbrella that facilitates lifelong continuum of digital presence.

Product Concept

  • A platform for academic collaboration with your friends, study-buddies, project teams as well as anyone from teaching community belonging to your entire education ecosystem. Chat one-on-one or create groups based on any academic objective. Share notes, Q&As, ideas, images, videos or even assignments, projects, timetables, syllabus, exam schedules and more. Work closely with project teams and stay in control of the deadlines and outcomes.
  • A digital resource management workbench for mastering all the academic workloads from exams to assignments to projects. Capture, store and associate any digital resources like images to videos, a web links or a scanned copy of notes, audio recordings or Q&As. Arrange them by subject, chapter, topic or assign them to homework, project or exam.
  • Your integrated time-keeper that brings convergence of all your time commitments from timetables and exam schedules to project deadline alerts as well as daily study plans. Set up study time on the go or create reminders of various events, academic or personal.
  • The tool to take control of your Academic commitments and aspirations whilst you are on the move, living exciting campus life, surfing the web from anywhere, anytime, using any device … It is an environment for fun while studying and keep a tab on study while having fun. It is perfect filler between “Facebook” and “LinkedIn”. It bridges the gap between a social collaboration of Facebook and professional networking of LinkedIn during student's formative years in school/college/university.
Market Need